We are Anastasia and Genia, lifelong best friends and creators of Science Bakes.

 Science Bakes

During our travels together in Europe, Anastasia would make her signature pancakes for breakfast every morning. Three weeks later Genia noticed that she had lost 7 lbs, while not changing anything else about her lifestyle.

The reason this happened was that she was eating a breakfast full of protein! That had helped her feel full for longer and stopped her from unnecessary snacking in the day.

This was the moment when we both knew that we had to share these pancakes with the world!

Anastasia being the science nerd she is (with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge and also a fitness and nutrition coach) had developed the World’s Simplest Weight Loss Plan!

Our mission is to create products which you can trust. With so many products that promise what we want (“detox” programs and pricey “superfoods” on the market), we are often left with no results and disappointed.

Our promise is that we only put ingredients into our products, which offer proven benefits. We do not follow fads. We follow scientific research.

That's why we created Science Bakes.