Lose Weight. One Pancake At A Time!


The yummy way to lose weight


What makes science bakes so special?

Reach your goals

With whopping 30 grams of protein per serving, almost no sugar and fat and a great carb-to-protein ratio you'll have a breakfast which helps you lose weight and gain muscle. 

Add movement (we recommend 10.000 steps a day) and you've got the proven simplest and most effective weight loss plan!

Athletes love its great macros. 

Save time and money

Get your valuable time in the morning back. Just add water to the mix and bake the pancakes or use use waffle iron. Breakfast (or dessert) is served!

No eggs, milk or anything else needed.

And hello? You can have guilt-free healthy pancakes and waffles EVERY morning which help you gain muscle. 

Developed by a scientist

Our products are formulated according to scientific research. Not fads and trends.

The co-founder and creator of our product is a Biochemist, PhD (University of Cambridge). 

Besides analyzing up to 60 research studies a day, Dr. Anastasia Zinchenko is a coach to powerlifters, body builders and athletes. She is the British bench press vice champion.

She knows what works scientifically and practically. 

Afraid of gluten? Read here.

Environmentally conscious

Whether you are plant-based or not, there is no judgement. It's our mission to cause as little damage as possible and that's why all our products are plant-based and cruelty-free. We are working on compostable packaging. 

What our customers are saying...

Seriously, these are the fluffiest, most delicious pancakes of my life. I was skeptical first, as my science-tested taste buds registered a distinct lupin content. But once baked there is no trace of that and they are incredibly good. Would recommend 120%! I think it's almost immoral that the majority of the population doesn't have access to it until now xD


So glad I could discover, test and taste this new product! Thank you @sciencebakes. I can't wait to have it in my local supermarket or e-shop. So good and versatile.


Hey, ich habe von der Fibo ein paar Probenvon den veganen Protein Pancakes bekommen und bin mega begeistert!! Habe lange nach veganen Pancake Mischungen gesucht 😅. Hoffe, ich kann sie bald auch in großen Mengen erwerben 


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